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Post-Op Steps


When you come to the neurosurgical office it is important that you bring a driver with you as you will need one to get home after your procedure or surgery.

When you arrive at Midwest Neurosurgeons, please sign in with our receptionists and verify your personal information. This begins the visit process.

Your insurance cards will be scanned and co-payments and insurance deductibles will need to be paid at this time.

Please have a seat in our waiting room while your chart is processed.

New patients need to arrive an hour early to fill out new patient materials. To minimize wait time new patient forms can be downloaded from the “Patient Facts” section and mailed or faxed to us prior to the appointment.​

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Next one of our nurses will call your name. At this time, please rise and follow him or her to the pre-op bay. At this point, your vitals will be taken and your IV will be started.

Next you will be taken to the procedure room if you are having a procedure or to one of the operating rooms if you are having a surgery.

Then the CRNA will conduct a pre-procedure visit with you.

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