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Neck and Back Braces

Guidelines for Neck and Back Braces

This is a general guide of post-op brace use. Please follow differing instructions if given by the doctor.

Neck Brace Guidelines:
  • A neck brace must be worn for 2-4 weeks.

  • During the entire 2-4 weeks, the brace must be worn at all times, especially when:

    • Doing any physical movement or activity.

    • In a motor vehicle.

    • During sleep.

  • With physician permission, after 2 weeks the brace may be briefly removed while sitting still.​

Back Brace Guidelines:
  • A back brace must be worn for 14 weeks.

  • The brace must be worn at all times.

  • The only times it may be removed is to shower, to use the restroom, and when lying flat in bed.

Neck and Back Surgery

Neck Surgery:

You may take a shower the second day after surgery. Remove your brace when showering. Be careful not to tilt your head forward or backward while in the shower. Keep your head in a neutral position. Do not rub the incision or put soap on it. Simply let the water run over the incision, pat it dry, and reapply a dressing. Once the dressing is completed, put the brace back on.

Back Surgery:

Prior to your staple removal, you may not submerge the surgical area. When showering, tape plastic wrap over the dressing to ensure the dressing stays dry and change the dressing after the shower. Sponge baths may also be utilized. Normal showering can resume 3 to 4 days after staple removal.

Post-Op Care

Bone Growth Stimulators

A Bone Growth Stimulator (BGS) is a device that emits electronic pulses that encourage bone cells to grow, which helps ensure a proper fusion. A BGS should be used 30 minutes every day for 14 weeks.

How to Use:
  • Press the button. On the first press, numbers will appear. The first number is the number of times the BGS has been used. The second number is the number of times it should have been used.

  • Place the BGS over the fusion site.

  • Press the button a second time. This will start the BGS, and it will automatically run for 30 minutes.

  • At the end of the treatment, the BGS will automatically power off.

  • A full 24 hours must pass for the BGS to activate again.

  • Repeat this process every day for 14 consecutive weeks.

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