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Post-Op Steps


You will be escorted to one of the beds in the post-procedure bay. You will have your vitals taken, your IV will be removed and a nurse will go over your discharge instructions.

Once all necessary information is confirmed, you will be taken to the patient pick up area to meet your driver and are free to return home.

If you require any follow up appointments, physical therapy or chiropractic manipulation as part of your treatment plan, then the Midwest Neurosurgeons office will contact the appropriate facilities for your physical therapy or chiropractic referral, or a script will be given to you to use at your choice of facilities.


Follow Up

After your procedure or surgery is completed, a nurse will contact you within two to three days to check on your progress. Any follow up visits that need to be scheduled will be scheduled at Midwest Neurosurgeons.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will answer whatever questions you have.

Once you arrive at your follow up appointment, preferably 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time, please sign in with our receptionist to begin the Midwest Neurosurgeons office visit process. A step by step guide can be found here.

Post-op Evaluation Timeline

This is NOT an exact or guaranteed timeline. It is a general guide of the post-op process.

7 days after surgery
  • Back surgery patients: drain removal.

  • Neck surgery patients: wound check to ensure proper healing and verify lack of infection.

14 days after surgery
  • Back surgery patients: staple removal.

4 weeks after surgery
  • X-rays: frontal and side views to confirm fusion.

14 weeks after surgery
  • CT scan: scan of the surgical area.

  • X-rays: flex and extension, scan from side views with the patient leaning forward and back.

  • Implanted Device ID: a badge that verifies the existence of a metal implanted device in the body.

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